A Deep Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning From Certified Experts 

Thorough Steam Cleaning Services

The world’s largest carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning, and at Kansas Carpet Care Inc., that’s exactly what we offer. Our Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction Method provides deep cleaning for even the toughest stains and odors, leaving your carpet looking fresh and new again. And, because spots and spills can happen between cleanings, you’ll receive a free bottle of our spot remover. It works on most spills, and doesn’t leave a soapy residue.
We are industry certified by the IICRC, meaning we’re qualified to perform all aspects of your carpet and upholstery cleaning.

How Much Do You Charge For Carpet Cleaning?

Kansas Carpet Care readily publishes its carpet cleaning prices by package, per square foot, and additional services we perform. We do not, however, give estimates over the phone or by e-mail. An “estimate” implies that we don’t know exactly how much we are going to charge. The charge may be higher or lower based upon the client’s specific needs. We don’t want our clients to be surprised so we offer, instead, a Free Carpet Audit service*.
The Free Carpet Audit allows us to precisely measure the dimensions of the areas we are cleaning, check for “unwanted stains and determine whether or not they can be removed (this includes pet stains and other difficult stains), to calculate wear age of the carpet, and to determine if the carpet is in good health. All of these factors are considered when calculating a quote for our services. A similar evaluation is offered to price our other services as well.
A technician from our company can usually perform the Free Carpet Audit within one to two days from the time you contact our office.
After your Free Carpet Audit, we can schedule an appointment for cleaning. Allow approximately one week when scheduling, but the services can sometimes be performed on shorter notice.

* Free Carpet Audit Service is limited to our most popular service areas. Please contact our office to determine if you are able to take advantage of this service based upon your location.
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